What is Voki? 
Voki is an animated avatar that can be customized according to your specifications. Choose from a selection of animals, cartoons,
people, imaginary characters, and even famous historical characters. It's easy to set up a free account but educational accounts that
allow you to save class projects and student content will cost a fee. In addition, lesson plans and educational resource are available.

How can it be used in education? Some thoughts...
  • As younger children become more immersed in social and digital media, Voki can be used to reinforce 21st Century skills
    and authentic learning practices in a controlled environment.
  • Voki helps students build confidence in practicing presentation, listening, speaking and writing skills.
  • It is an effective tool to use to develop team work and collaboration among students and classes.
  • Reinforce language and phonetic skills with an animated character.

Website: http://www.voki.com/ 

Voki Getting Started Guide (Includes Classroom Set Up)

Voki Newsletter - Ideas for Classroom Use